Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's ALL About the Green

photo by Tricia Chatterton

NO, not green as in money or green beer, but green as in "saving the environment"- which we all should be more concerned about. After reading a few magazines and books about how to live organically and save the environment, I'm now thoroughly petrified of all the chemicals in my apartment. Being the product queen that I am, it will be challenging to keep my attention span a la green but I'm going to try my darnedest. Not only does "going green" save the environment, it saves you money. So, toss all of your air fresheners, detergents, Glade plug ins, scented candles (OH, that's painful) and cleaners and break out the vinegar, Borax, lemon juice and baking soda (bleach and ammonia projects create asthma attacks and allergy issues).

Here's a site to help guide you into your greenness. I'll pop up with more from time to time and if you have any sites, you'd like to add to this blog, please comment back! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi T,

This is a good link as well:


Unknown said...

love it! Thanks, Eva. Keep it coming! :)