Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Duets with Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields

photo by tricia chatterton

I know this comes a week too late, but I had to make mention of it because I really enjoyed this performance. Last Valentine's Day I went to see Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields sing various duets with

Marc Ribot (

Jim Thirlwell, Steve Bernstein,

Nina Persson (of the "Love Fool" Cardigans),(

Thomas Bartlett, actor Kevin Corrigan, members of The Honorary Title, TV On The Radio, and Ed Pastorini at Hiro Ballroom on 17th and 9th Ave. It was absolutely the hipster version of a 60's beatnick lounge vibe with a variety of berets, suits,cool hair, and tight hipster jeans. I half expected people to snap (no, I wasn't even a thought in my parents' pants in the 60's but I've heard stories). It was quite the artsy event and I loved every second of it. Jennifer's sultry voice accommodated each and every performer seemlessly, particularly with the boys of The Honorary Title (Think the "Bridge and Tunnel" song-you've ALL heard this song)


Although it's past and you can't go to this extravaganza of duets...(promise I'll give you better notice next time), I highly suggest you keep an eye out for performances by any of these artists. They're all immensely talented and I'm always about supporting the should, too. Just wear your tightest pair of skinny jeans and have really cool hair.

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