Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elizabeth Peyton @ the New Museum & Outsiders NY Art Show: Go see it NOW.

(top floor of New Museum downtown-someone have a party up there and invite me, please)

(view from top wrap around terrace of the New Museum)

(rounded chairs are made of fedex-style paper material wrapped in circular layers. Where can I get these? Cool contrast with dark nail polish).

I went to the New Museum downtown on the Bowery to check the Elizabeth Peyton show and found her color palette inspiring...She covers rockstars and hipster life well.

however, it was the Outsiders NY show that made me want to break out all of my art supplies and get to work. On the corner of Houston and the Bowery is an old shelled out building that houses work by international artists like JR, ANtony Micallef, Vhils, and several other talented artists organized by Banksy's dealer Steve Lazarides. Nice to see art that speaks to the mind and soul instead of just making a room pretty. The location in which the work is displayed is just absolutely perfect, as well. The building itself is art, raw and real. Go, ...and enjoy. It's up until Oct. 26th. Make sure you go downstairs.

This piece is actually carved out of the wall, using the drywall as the highlights in the face and the brick, the middle tones and shadows in this fine portrait. One of my favorites...

(how's this for a coffee table?)

all photos by Tricia Chatterton. Rights Reserved. Photos cannot be used without written permission.

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