Friday, January 18, 2008

Bill Armstrong's "Renaissance"

The other show that impressed me on my Thursday night Chelsea art opening walk was Bill Armstrong's "Renaissance" show at ClampArt gallery (521-531 West 25th St. Ground Floor). His work is quite painterly and leaves more to the imagination than the obvious straight photo. Then again, I may be a bit biased because I took a color printing class with Bill Armstrong at the International Center of Photography a few years and really enjoyed the class. Regardless, I enjoy looking at his photography. He's got some great ideas happening...

"Armstrong creates his unique imagery using a process of photographing found images extremely out of focus with his lense set on the infinity setting. In this case, the source materials are master drawings from the Renaissance period which have been radically reworked and presented on vast fields of vivid color. Armstrong's photographs imbue a new life and a new context to the original drawings-a renaissance of the Renaissance, if you will." -ClampArt press release.

I agree.

For more information on this show, visit or you can visit his website



Dana said...

I love the color tones. I notice it in the invite for the gallery opening this thursday. Cool

Unknown said...

I know-his photographs really draw me in with their color. His prints are better in person. You should stop by ClampArt if you have a chance this week.