Friday, January 18, 2008

hello human: Just 'Cuz I Love Them...

Actually, I just love the drummer, Steve Copeletti. I've known him since 9th grade and he's been my best guy friend ever since. You gotta love a guy you've known since puberty...

And you gotta love his new band, hello human, 'cuz they just rock quite properly. They're a very talented bunch of guys. If you know anyone who can sign them, just do it.

"the story of hello human begins around mid-2007 in pompano beach, florida. influenced by american indie rock, power pop and shoegaze, hello human was formed by adam rosenberg, mike johnson, steven copeletti (collaborators in early 2k shoegazer band whirlaway) and chris polito (former remedy session guitarist/vocalist). the group is currently mixing tracks to their first series of sound exploration with tony lash of elliot smith, dandy warhol’s fame."

Check out their new song "Since I've Lost You" on myspace:


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